Sacred Symbols

Sacred Symbols

This collection features different sacred symbols—from Celtic knots, to dragons, to spirals—all carved in gemstone. While some do sell best in metaphysical stores, other just sell great everywhere – especially the Celtic knots and the spirals. I encourage you to add one or two to your order to see how they sell for you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Also, keep your eye on this collection, as I am working on new designs to add...

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Wholesale Customers: 

In order to purchase my work on wholesale terms you must have a retail establishment and a valid resale license. You can register as a wholesale customer by clicking HERE. Your registration will provide you instant access to wholesale prices and allow you to place an order. The minimum purchase for wholesale orders is 12 pieces or $150, whichever threshold you reach first. Sorry, but orders placed with invalid license numbers will be canceled.

Retail Customers: 

For my fabulous retail customers we have created a separate website where you can learn more about us and purchase your own Stone Circle Studio talisman.